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A Quick Guide to ADHD Assessments

An Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder diagnosis may not be as straight forward as we all may think. Due to high co-occurring problems such as anxiety, trauma, depression, learning disabilities, and/or behavior problems, your child would benefit from a comprehensive multidimensional assessment.

A comprehensive multidimensional assessment consists of obtaining detailed information from guardians (i.e. family history), teachers, and other individuals that have consistent contact with the child; as the behaviors are to be observed in multiple settings. It is important to know how the child’s symptoms are impacting their social, academic, and home life. In addition to an in-depth interview, questionnaires will be provided to the guardians and teacher(s). A review of school and medical records, parent self-report questionnaires, intelligence testing, education achievement testing, and other relevant psychological tests will be administered.

Upon completion of the testing session (s) a report will be written and explained, as it is important for you as a parent to understand your child’s abilities, needs, and how to effectively help your children.

For more information give us a call for a free phone consultation. We can not only offer the conprenshive assessment necessary, but also guidance for the ESE, SST, or special education process.

You may also be interested in reading through the websites below:

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)

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